Multistage Completions, Fracturing and Refracturing


W. Aaron Burton’s career has been focused on the completion of shales and similar unconventional plays that require multistage hydraulic fracturing. In 2015, Burton started Unconventional Oil and Gas Training, a company specializing in training and consulting for unconventional multistage completions. Prior to starting the company, he was with Baker Hughes for nearly 8 years. During his tenure in operations he held the roles of field engineer, operations coordinator, and application engineer. Outside of operations he has been Product Line Strategist, Completions Manager for the Unconventional Resource Team, and Product Line Manager for unconventional multistage completions. He has completed wells, conducted training, and consulted on a variety of projects worldwide. Through his experience, he has developed a solid understanding of reservoir properties and stimulation design that are used in a data-driven approach to more effectively design completions in unconventional wells.

He is active in the industry authoring and instructing on the subject of unconventional completions. He has authored and coauthored three SPE papers, and continues to teach two SPE continuing education courses. He has written a variety of other documents including magazine articles and newsletters, and taught numerous classes in many different venues to operators, service companies, and other companies involved in the industry. Also, he has been a discussion leader, presenter, panelist, and participated in many other roles in industry events.

Burton holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University.

Sergey Kotov is the Manager of Integrated Technology, Global Products and Technology at Baker Hughes. Kotov has 20 years of oil and gas industry experience primarily specializing in production enhancement. Kotov started his career in Russia, participating in all aspects of pumping operations in most of the major oil and gas basins from the South to the Arctic Circle. As an application engineer of BJ Services Technology Research Center, he participated in the development and optimization of new stimulation technologies. As a senior stimulation specialist, Kotov worked in North Africa. He was involved in many stimulation projects around the world. In recent years Kotov has specialized in unconventional stimulation as a Region Engineer in the US, Sr. Stimulation Advisor/Stimulation Manager for the Unconventional Resources, and as a Global Product Line Manager for Unconventional Fracturing, providing technical expertise and leadership globally. Currently Kotov is leading the Baker Hughes’ NextWave production rejuvenation initiative to maximize value from the existing assets in unconventional reservoirs.

He is an active member of the SPE. He participated in numerous industry events as a speaker and a panelist. Kotov is as instructor for the “Unconventional Completions and Fracturing” SPE course, he is also a co-author of Baker Hughes Recommended Practices / Data-Driven Solutions for Shale Gas/Oil Analysis and Development, a co-author and instructor for Baker Hughes Shale Academy, and a co-author of “Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources: Exploration and Development” book CRC press, 2016.

Kotov holds an MS in petroleum engineering/oils and gas geology (Russia), he also earned an honors MA in linguistics (Russia).