Water Management Panel

Water Management in a Seismically Active Area

Note:  The water management panel is a free event open to all industry members and a great opportunity to obtain professional development hours.

With the development of large unconventional shale plays in the United States, water has become an integral part of the success of the oil and gas industry.  Without large volumes of water the oil and gas resource plays would not exist.  Depending upon the completion design, it may take more than a million barrels of water to clean out a well and hydraulically fracture it.

Oil and gas companies use water in nearly every aspect of their operations.  For example, water is used as a base fluid in drilling muds, as the primary carrying fluid for completions when acidizing and fracturing and in production operations for corrosion or other treatments. 

For all oil and gas operations, water is sourced, transported, stored, and treated prior to its use.  As long as there are completion operations in an area, produced water can be recycled.  The produced water can be recycled with or without treatment.  Whether the produced water is treated or not, it will have to be transported to a storage facility and stored for future use. 

Water is produced along with oil and gas from nearly every well.  On average, 7 to 9 barrels of water are produced with every barrel of oil.  If produced water is no longer needed for another purpose, it will have to be disposed of.  The decision on how to dispose of produced water can be crucial based on the potential for induced seismicity in some areas.

The water management panel is composed of experts from industry, state regulatory agencies, and an environmental NGO who are capable of giving their recommendations and guidance on managing water.  Four members of the panel will give a short presentation and then the group will be open to receive questions from the audience.  

 Members of the Water Management Panel

Name Organization Position
Scott Bailey Flex Chem Senior Scientist
Tim Baker Oklahoma Corporation Commission Director, Oil and Gas Conservation Division
Lloyd Hetrick Newfield Exploration Operations Engineering Advisor
Rick McCurdy* Chesapeake Energy Corp. Manager – Chemicals & Water Reclamation
Dan Mueller Environmental Defense Fund Director, Natural Gas Exploration and Production
Kyle Murry Oklahoma Geological Survey Hydrogeologist
Lee Shafer Basin Engineering Consulting Engineer
Branden Ruyle Weatherford International Global RD&E Technical Service Lead
Steve Tipton  ALL Consulting, LLC Senior Consulting Engineer
Frank Zamora Premier Oilfield Labs Senior Vice President



Presentations include:  

Tim Baker - Status of OCC Regulations on Induced Seismicity

Kyle Murry - The Oklahoma Geologic Survey's Understanding of the Causes of Induced Seismicity

Lloyd Hetrick - Water Usage in the STACK Play

Lee Shafer - Progress in Aerated Biologic Treatment for Water Recycling