Panel Discussion


    April 9, 2019     1:30 - 4:30 pm     Exhibition Hall 2 

The STACK/SCOOP plays have become the most active drilling, completion and producing areas in Oklahoma over the last ten years.  The play was initially started to develop gas production from the Woodford Shale in the western portion of the STACK by Devon and Continental Resources.  Other operators began exploring the eastern portion of the Woodford Shale and found significant oil as well as gas production.

Continental Resources and Newfield moved their focus to south central Oklahoma to explore the Woodford Shale.  Both companies found good production from the Woodford Shale and the SCOOP area was born. 

As exploration continued operators began testing other shale zones including the Springer and Meramec.

Our panel is comprised of executives from companies that are active in the STACK/SCOOP plays.  Each executive will make a short presentation about their company and their activities in the plays.  After the executives make their presentations, they will take questions from the audience.


Brian Simmons | COO & VP of Operations of Le Norman Operating


Panel members:

Todd Moehlenbrock | Devon Energy | Anadarko BU VP

Josh Walker | Chaparral Energy | VP of Completions and Operations

Scott Donnelly | Continental Resources | VP of Southern Production

Tom Hellman l Marathon Oil l Region VP of Oklahoma SCOOP/STACK